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Led Zeppelin is a criminally over-rated band. Aside from the fact that they are notorious for plagiarism, they are simply an okay rock band at best, even for the time that they were in. The riffs, especially in their earlier works are almost entirely comprised of old blues riffs from black Americans decades earlier. Robert Plant is a great singer, I’ll give him that, but their lyrics on the first few albums are ridiculous. Jimmy Page is also not nearly as revolutionary as he is given credit for.  
Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I’m saying they are the worst band ever or that all their music is terrible (I happen to really like When The Levee Breaks) I just don’t think that they deserve to be one of the most adored bands of all time. 

All you pseudo-elitists need to get your heads out of your asses and stop acting like condescending assholes to anyone who doesn’t take pleasure in reading! Intelligence and reading are in no way correlated.

same goes to those who listen (only) to classical..

I’m not an Anglophile, but I just hate the word movie. Film film film. Can’t tag my submission with ‘film’, even. Movie sounds like a word a kid invented, like many other American words.

I don’t really care for any of the Disney films made after Walt’s death, maybe save for The Jungle Book which was his last film. The artwork and animation just isn’t nearly as good, and in recent times the writing has been pretty poor as well.

I kind of hate how the phrase “casual sex” has been created to describe fornication. There’s nothing casual about being a whore (male or female) and having as many sexual partners as possible. It is not cool or cute, it’s disgusting. On a related note, I think it’s time to retire the word “prude” as it’s basically become a slur for anyone who disagrees with this lifestyle.

Honestly, I really couldn’t care less what you identify as. Man, woman, trans*, nonbinary, otherkin, whatever. It doesn’t matter to me. Stop plastering it all over your blog like that’s the most important part of who you are. The only time I’d actually care is if I found you attractive and/or there was a chance of us dating. Only then would I feel the need to look into your identity. Other than that, please, for the love of God, find something else to talk about other than how masculine you feel today or how ‘cool’ nonbinary kids are. I don’t actually give a shit. If you think your identity revolves around your gender or lack thereof, then you really are boring and irritating as fuck; you’re actually giving yourself labels while consecutively crying wolf over oppression that nobody would actually give a shit about if you didn’t make such a huge deal over it. I’m not gonna treat you any different than that ‘cishet scum’ over there just because you’re some sort of ‘spacekin’. Nobody cares. Get over it.
(If I see any comments on how “nobody would date u anyway!!!11!!” or “ur cis/straight/a man arent u” or “truscum!!!1!!!” then you’ll have done nothing but proved my point. Just like you, I am allowed any opinions regardless of my gender/sex/sexuality. I do not owe you an explanation or a backstory for holding a fucking opinion. Like I said, nobody gives a shit. Besides, people like you, you wouldn’t believe me in the first place.)

I hate how people, especially the people on Tumblr, think being white means you’re bad, boring, and/or privileged. Why are white people called “white” and not European Americans? We have African Americans and Asian Americans, but we’re just white? Why do people think its racist to want a “white history month”? I would love to have a European American month, as well as a month for all other racial groups. In fact, white people are a minority race in the world.

Teenagers, particularly girls, on Tumblr love to show off their very “sad” lives and post about it all over the internet. They then say they are very depressed and anxious and have an eating disorder, without being to a psychologist once because this one quiz on this one site diagnosed them with all of these conditions.If anyone tries to help, they say that they are fine, then ten minutes later suddenly “nobody cares” and they end up “cutting” themselves. Of course, they manage to take a photo of the scratches and they post it on Tumblr with the typical tag of #relapse. They also always seem to remember the exact number of days since they’ve self-harmed? I didn’t know people kept calendars of such things.If you dare tell them that they are doing such things for attention, they’ll go on about the great lengths they go to hide such things, and how Tumblr is just their outlet, yet I doubt any of them have felt truly depressed or had serious thoughs of suicide once in their life. They post photos of their self harm on Tumblr, which will never leave the internet, they have blogs with their faces all over them, they have their Facebook in their links, yet they are “hiding” it. The only people they hide it from is their parents because otherwise they’d get their precious internet taken off of them.If they feel as if they are not getting enough attention, they put a post normally saying something along the lines of, “I’m over feeling like this. Goodbye.” tagged with #suicide #depression #anxiety #sad #pills #overdose #self harm. The next morning they make a post: “I took 5 panadol… It didn’t work. Again.” No joke, I’ve seen posts like that. They don’t even TRY.Not everyone on Tumblr is like this, and very few with mental disorders are like this, it’s just this teenagers that aren’t getting enough attention. The few of them that really do have mental problems, these blogs are not helping them. The posts can be very upsetting and can cause them to not want to get better, because they feel as if they can fit in on this website.

IN MY OPINION (because I feel you really need to insist here even if it should be pretty obvious), I  really don’t think Conchita Wurst (the representant of Austria for the Eurovision contest) deserved to win with the song she presented. You can call me naive or anything but the contest is supposed to be about music, it shouldn’t be politic AT ALL (damn, that was the fucking point in the first place, they created it to calm the tensions) and if she won, it’s solely because of her apparence and that’s really not fair because there were far better songs. I agree that the message she carries is great but yeah, she won because people wanted a bearded woman to be at the first place and that’s not cool. What’s the point of watching the whole thing if you already know who’s gonna win and who’s not ? If it was a victory like Lordi in 2006 (who had an unconventional imagery for the contest AND an awesome song) I would be totally okay, but Rise Like A Phoenix, seriously and honestly ? Trust me, if she won with the better song, the message would’ve been much more beautiful, presently it just seem like a joke pulled only to cock a snook at Putin. 
By the way, the Russian girls didn’t deserve all the booing. That was just immature, rude and the perfect exemple of what is wrong with this contest. 

Why do Americans think they’re the only white people in the world?, why do they think racism only happens in their country?, why do they think idea’s of racism in their country applies to everywhere else in the world?, why are they so ignorant to other cultures?, why can’t they bother to educate themselves about the rest of the world before they open their mouths? why do they think the world revolves around them?. Btw I am not talking about all Americans, but the vast majority from what i’ve seen on the internet are like this.

Classic Doctor Who is 10,000 times better than new Doctor Who - and this is coming from someone who found the new series first.

So everyone is probably familiar with that one scene in “Malcolm in the Middle” where Lois spots her white neighbor berating a Mexican landscaper and tells the neighbor that she has no right to criticize him because he was hired to do labor that the neighbor either couldn’t or didn’t want to do. That gave me an epiphany: If it wasn’t for their wealth, white people are useless. You fat lazy people just lounge around all day and you think you’re superior because you making thousands just by sitting in a leather chair in an office and talking on the phone. You’re doing the easy stuff, you avoid the hard gritty labor and pass it to someone else, us. We do the heavy lifting, the back breaking labor, the dangerous jobs that can lead to permanent damage while you sit comfortably, yet you get payed more than us?! Worse yet is how we had to be forced to assimilate and be fluent in your English and became Bilingual just to survive here. When Highschools have a foreign language requirement we have to hear your lazy kids complain “wah why do I need to learn this? I don’t need this, stupid requirements”. If there were some disaster or some war taking place where you lived and it destroyed your area or you were ship/planewrecked in a foreign country, you would be lost. Without your home and money you are nothing. You would probably ask us for assistence, the people who had to adapt and heavy lifting to survive. 

I don’t deny that asexuality is a legitimate (albeit very rare) orientation. But I think most people identifying as “demisexual,” are putting a label on what is actually a very common inclination just so they can claim minority status.
I know it is very controversial to question any orientation on tumblr, but there is a point when the labels get ridiculous. I’m not complaining because the number of labels is “confusing” - I’m complaining because it is bordering on offensive to come up with excuses to try to worm your way into the gender/sexual minority community, which is quite honestly what this is. And I say this as someone who fits the demisexual definition: 
I have never experienced sexual attraction to someone without first forming a strong emotional connection with them. 
Neither have many other teenagers, which is one of the reasons I think the term is so popular on tumblr: it gives ordinary people the chance to feel special. When I first read the definition of demisexuality, I felt excited because I never realized that I was part of the LGBTQIA(etc) community before. Believe me - I understand the desire to be something other than a boring old “cishet.” But in reality there are millions of people outside of tumblr who would kill to be just that, and I’m not going to discredit their struggles by waving a rainbow flag and yelling “DEMISEXUAL PRIDE!”
In short: Everyone experiences sex and sexual attraction differently; having a slightly lower libido does not warrant a separate orientation nor put you on the same level as the millions of people around the world who suffer daily for theirs.
The fact that there will be people ranting at me for writing this proves my point: that people would rather fight for recognition of their own made-up identity than take a stand against the oppression of real ones.

I think Supernatural is overhyped, overrated, B-rated teen-young adult junkfood TV garbage.
The plot is nonsensical and seems to have no direction towards any future climax or finale. Most of the characters are unlikable and poorly written. The lighting and the effects are grossly bad and hilarious. The acting bad terri-bad and hammy with a side of cliche cheese. The writers seem they don’t know where they’re going or what they’re doing. It’s forumulaic and has plot holes and continuity errors that would make Doctor Who roll its eyes.
The fandom, for the most part, is atrocious. They get too wrapped on this crappy show and these shallow characters, making them seem they’re these deep complex people who sexuality and daddy issues and blah blah blah. They treat the actors like objects for their shipping fantasies. And they make shipping seem like the end all of end all.
Supernatural is not that great of a show. I can understand the so bad it’s good following but the tumblr fanbase is fucking insane about a mediorce show that parades religious and supernatural mythology like they’re the most edgiest show on TV.
unbrok3ncircle asked:
I just watched Frozen yesterday. The movie was very good, but what I did not really understand is Hans 's plan. He has been a nice guy in 90% of the movie, and BAM! : I just pretending blah blah blah. Why did he talk elsa to not kill the soldier, if he planned to kill her in the first place? Why don't he just let her do that and become the monster in people's eyes? What's your opinion about that?


I want to apologize to you for replying this so late. And for making this waaaaayyyyyy longer than it should.


I’m going to write under the read more so I won’t bore nor bug others with MY thoughts, hypotheses and theories about Hans’ actions. Also anyone who is interested can take this post as my review on Hans’ character. I WARN YOU. THIS IS GONNA BE LONG.

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